Best Vegan Clothing Brands

First and foremost, It’sVeganMade is a blog aimed at people looking for stylish, well made clothing. It just so happens that those people are also vegan.

One of the biggest challenges for modern vegans, especially those less acquainted living a full plant-based lifestyle, is finding high quality, ethical clothes that fit their personal style. We’re all familiar with the global fashion brands of the high street, but knowing where to start when transitioning to buying only clothes that contain no animal products can seem hard.

Here’s a run down of our favourite UK vegan clothing brands we think you should check out. Think of it as a cheatsheet to building your new style – in half the time than if you had to research from scratch yourself.

Alice Vandy

Bold, neon, and cosmic, are just three words you could use to describe the mind bending styles from this female UK designer. If you like to stand out from the crowd then Alice Vandy is probably for you. Her bodycon and catsuit creations will be ideal clobber for next Summer’s festival season, and we can’t wait!

Credit: Alice Vandy


Heartcure is more than a clothing label, they are compassionate community and not-for-profit organisation that puts everything they earn back in to the cause. Their mission is that of animal liberation, and supporting Brook Farm Sanctuary so that they can rescue more animals. What’s more, once you’ve worn your Heartcure clothing out, you ship it back to them and they’ll recycle it in to something else!

We aim to be so much more than just clothing, we are a community of compassionate people living by their hearts. 

Credit: Heartcure

Anima Cosciente

Wool is a staple of most non-vegan wardrobes, having been a traditional clothing material for centuries. It’s even ingrained in our culture. So it’s nice to see that going vegan doesn’t mean you have to ditch the tweed. Anima Cosciente have a tidy range of tweed ties made from cotton, and modern ties made from 100% vegan microfibre.

Credit: Anima Cosciente

Beyond Skin

If you’ve struggled to find a style of vegan shoes you like for lack of variety then Beyond Skin may be your salvation. They have an extensive range of shoes, boots, and trainers for women in contemporary styles that you’d expect from premium high street brands. Sorry fellas it’s women-only at the minute, but their new men’s range is coming soon. All the shoes are made in Spain, but Beyond Skin are another great British shoe-brand based in Brighton.

Credit: Beyond Skin

Bourgeoise Boheme

Bourgeoise Boheme was started in 2005 by an ex-podiatrist and long-time vegan, who combined their foot care expertise with a love for shoes in order to recreate classic styles minus the animal products. They have a wide range of appealing styles for men and women, and they seem to have achieved the most challenging of tasks – creating vegan shoes that look nothing like ‘vegan shoes’. 

Credit: Bourgoise Boheme

Collection and Co

Based in Bristol, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that were Madrid or Paris. Collection and Co are predominantly footwear, but also have great accessories such as hats, bags and belts. Their designs offer an air of sophistication that is thoroughly welcomed in the world of vegan and cruelty free fashion, but they are squarely in the mid range bracket which means they are also attainable. Buy online or in their store.

Credit: Collection and Co

Delinquent Apparel

Very cool and edgy streetwear brand that seem to revel in the fight against any oppression of humans and animals. If you’re not quite ready for direct action, then maybe just try one of their awesome printed tees and see how you get on. We really love their photography and styling. You can buy clothes direct from their website, but why not check out their Active and Revolt sections to see how seriously this brand takes the cause.

Credit: Delinquent Apparel


Dinomadic have ditched the plastic for wood, creating a range of unique sunglasses that we found refreshingly familiar. The wood adds warmth and makes them look super comfortable. The name originates from ‘digital nomad’, and their concept is sympathetic to the growing world view that we must reduce our plastic waste if we are to protect the planet.

We do our best to protect your eyes by using polarized UV400 lenses which provide crystal clear vision and anti-glare effect aiming 100% protection against harmful (UVA/UVB) rays.

Credit: Dinomadic


Cork is becoming a popular material in vegan fashion due to its environmental credentials and durability, and Fabrikk have used it to create really unique and stylishly designed bags. The Vela LED bag is their trademark item. Made from the signature cork ‘leather’, they feature matching straps and silver clasps. What you’re probably not expecting though is the LED lighting inside, which is supposed to help you find your lippy in an emergency.

Credit: Fabrikk

Forester Products

If you ever doubted that you’d be able to dress stylishly again without breaking the bank, then hopefully Forester Products will reaffirm the lifestyle you’ve chosen. Based in Ireland, they offer a really cohesive range of classically modern accessories including watches, belts, wallets and bags. They also plant a tree for every single product they sell, and we think that is just another reason to check them out.

Credit: Forester Products


Friendship offer a simple and gender fluid range of footwear, boots, bags and belts. Made in the UK, they use Italian vegan leather to create some seriously stylish shoes and accessories. Unlike a lot of brands you wont find separate ranges for women and men, so just pick your style and select your size.

Credit: Friendships


An accessories brand with decidedly smart offerings for both men and women looking to replace the leather in their pocket and on their arm. Cork is a really smart choice for wallets as it ages well and feels right. And their ‘cork leather’ handbags are very un-cork like, and wouldn’t go amiss from any high street brand. Their website is really easy to use and delivery is free – what more can you ask for?

Credit: FRiLuk


Helters are more than just a vegan streetwear brand, they create their own original artwork and use it in their prints. On offer is a large range of tees, hoodies for men and women, as well as some signature baseball caps. They aim to source only eco-friendly, ethically made, sustainable materials, which is reassuring.

Credit: Helters

Hetty + Sam

This brand has some really distinctive and contemporary designs. Their combination of pastels and metallic finishes sit perfectly on their range of modern bags and accessories. They have more phone cases than clothing, but the collection of backpacks, clutches and washbags gave us plenty to drool over. Predominantly made from Polyurethane, the items are 100% vegan but also look and feel great too.

Credit: Hetty + Sam


Not the most obvious area for a vegan brand to target, but one where wool dominates the main market, is outdoor clothing including hiking and sports socks. Made from a combination of synthetic fabrics and cotton, they are not only comfortable, but warm and have great stretch. Jackpine even pledge to plant a tree for every pair of socks purchased, which we think is just brilliant.

Credit: Jackpine


Many of their bags feature animal patterns but you wont find any animal products here, because all of Katherena’s creations are made using cruelty-free and ethical materials. The rucksack designs are really unique, but our favourite is their line of statement clutches, perfect for a high fashion look or night out.

Credit: Katherena


LaBante has one of the most extensive range of handbags we’ve seen, and the best part is that they’re all vegan. They say ‘do one thing and do it well’, but LaBante seem to do three things well, specialising in bags, sunglasses and jewellery. Another London based startup label they are only available online but offer free delivery and returns in the UK.

Credit: La Bante

Laura Zabo

Some say upcycling is better for the environment than recycling, but not everyone has the knack for creating their own jean shorts at home. Rubber is notoriously difficult (slash impossible) to recycle, so what better way to reuse bicycle tyres and inner tubes that giving them a new life as a belt or guitar strap? You can even join a jewellery making workshop with the designer herself in London.

Credit: Laura Zabo


Cork is fast becoming a go-to material for vegan fashion brands. Coming from a renewable source it means that they are more sustainable than synthetic materials. Whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we love the natural look. Moddanio already have three stores in London and you can order backpacks, clutch bags and more direct from their website.

Credit: Moddanio


The staple of everyone’s wardrobe has got to be denim jeans, but unfortunately nearly all the pairs you’ll find on the high street will have a leather patch on the back, some will even have used dyes that were tested on animals. Monkeegenes seem to be a strong contender for ‘best vegan jeans’, with a huge range of styles and a website that makes finding your favourite next pair of jeans a cinch.

Credit: Monkeegenes

NAK No Animal Killed

Immediately recognisable from their aqua coloured insoles and packaging, NAK or No Animal Killed are a stylish footwear brand from London. Handmade in Italy, their shoes feature the ‘revolutionary’ NAK leather that is light, waterproof and breathable. Take care of your new investment by adding their stylish cow print shoe bag during checkout.

Credit: NAK No Animal Killed

No Fixed Abode

No Fixed Abode has an interesting story behind it. Kiwi born Emma Mann moved to the UK and ended up selling all her possessions in order to start this fashion label. Rooted in punk, their clothes offer a really distinct streetwear look, and you’ll find everything from t-shirts, hoodies and joggers on their site.

Credit: No Fixed Abode

No One’s Skin

Luxury isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind when you think of vegan clothing brands, but No One’s Skin offer a truly luxurious option in women’s footwear. If you’re a fan of heels and chic footwear then look no further. They are firmly placed in the high end price bracket, but the designs are extremely stylish and give us all something to aspire to.

Credit: No One’s Skin

NOR Clothing

For many, the term ‘vegan clothing’ still has negative connotations, which is why we like brands that come along aiming to break the status quo. NOR Clothing seems to have set its sights quite high, with a range of extremely stylish dresses, trousers and outwear, that you can easily imagine hanging on the rails of any premium high street store. 

Credit: Nor Clothing


Revs® are a footwear brand with a difference. They specialise in flip flops and sandals for both men and women that have the unique benefit of in-built reflexology technology. Revs stands for ‘Revitalise Your Sole’, and they certainly do that with their distinctive massaging sole design. Their footwear designs offer a natural healing therapy inspired by Reflexology, an ancient healing art, to enhance health & well-being.

Credit: Revs


That’s Steezy and not sleezy by the way! Their unisex range of street clothing comprises mainly tees, but also some hats and hoodies. The range is minimal but really punchy, with really distinctive alternative/rock style featuring mainly black and white graphic designs. Also, they aren’t just vegan but environmentally friendly too. We think you’ll love them.

Credit: SleezyT

Susie Faulks

Another independent designer, Susie Faulks has a brilliant range of vegan shoulder bags, cross-body and tote bags. These lovely patterns were apparently inspired by the English flora and fauna seen whilst growing up in Gloucestershire, but we love the sixties inspired ‘kidston-esque’ totes that (to use a cliché) are actually both practical and stylish.

Credit: Susie Faulks


Tivydale was started in 2013, and specialise in shoes, boots and sandals for women. They saw a demand for elegant footwear for work and going out that use no animal products, including leather. Their products are made using both natural and man-made materials, and are produced at family-run factories in the UK and Spain. 

Credit: Tivydale


Established in July 2016, Uncaptive Ethical Clothing Co offer a stylish and practical range of clothing for women, men and children. Based in Newcastle their products are hand screen-printed locally onto ethically sourced materials, and they pride themselves for selling vegan clothing that is also ethical and sustainable. Be sure to check out their plain tees, or look for the bamboo socks that come in the seriously cool presentation boxes.

Credit: Uncaptive

Viva La Vegan

Viva la revolución! And we totally agree. This UK-based brand are 100% vegan and have a large range, spanning clothes and accessories for men, women and children. We particularly like their printed tees, and we just love the fact they plant a tree for every order placed. Here’s what we they have say.

Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism & do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so.

Credit: Viva la Vegan


Warrillow is the brainchild of one lady in Kings Heath, Birmingham, who started making hats and fascinators herself following a workshop. They use organic and sustainable materials that have been sourced carefully to ensure they are both animal and cruelty free. These are perfect for a special occasion, and their site has some really interesting and pretty creations you can peruse any time.

Credit: Warwillow

Wilby Clutch

Founded in 2013, Wilby Clutch is an accessories brand that specialise in ethical and sustainable handbags and clutches. Their range of bags feature materials like cork and cotton and are all reassuringly made in the UK. With a visible celebrity-following, their style factor is definitely high, but with lots of affordable options they are a good starting point for the newly vegan looking to replace their day bag.

Credit: Wilby Clutch

That’s it. That’s our roundup of the best vegan clothing brands in the UK right now. Be sure to check out our other posts to keep up to date with the latest in vegan clothing. And please leave us your comments to get involved in the discussion.

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