Vegan Biscuits

We have a super selection of totally moreish vegan biscuits for you to dive in and devour! All these vegan biscuits are totally delicious and made right here in the UK. On top of that, New England Cookie Co. also makes these bickies by hand. We’ve got chocolate chip vegan cookies that are guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family, friend, guest or random passerby you simply had to share a biscuit with because they’re that bloomin’ good! The lemon shortbread vegan cookies will melt in your mouth! You’ll think you’ve eaten one but in fact you’ve had four…based on personal experience! The biscuits are delicate and perfect to accompany a hot cup of vegan tea. The salted caramel vegan biscuits have a lovely crunch and will definitely be a big winner! All of these biscuits will have you reaching for the biscuit tin, sneaking off for a cheeky biscuit or hiding them so you don’t have to share, they're that yummers!

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