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Introducing our stunning range of plantable books - the perfect way to elevate your reading experience while contributing to the environment! These plantable books from Willsow are not just great reads for kids, they are an eco-friendly solution for those who love to read to their children and who care about the planet.

These plantable books are made with biodegradable paper embedded with high-quality, non-GMO seeds. When you’re finished reading, simply plant the cover and watch it grow into a beautiful plant. Imagine a lush garden full of herbs, wildflowers, or vegetables, all grown from your child's favourite book covers!

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Not only are these books a sustainable option, but they are also a fantastic way to support local farms and agriculture. By using non-GMO seeds, we ensure that our plantable books are safe for both you and the environment. Plus, they make an ideal gift for friends and family, especially those who are interested in teaching their children about how things grow.

These plantable seed books by Willsow come in an array of adventures and stories to excite and engage children in the planting process. Follow the tale of each young vegetable or fruit and watch as your little ones understanding of gardening and nature blossoms before your eyes. And the best bit is that when you're done reading you simply plant the seeded paper in the ground and see the stroy turn into real fruit and veg you can harvest and eat.

Don't wait any longer, order your plantable books today and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying your favorite pastime. Join the green revolution and be a part of the solution by choosing our plantable books.