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Vegan boiled sweets make a fantastic gift for someone whether they are vegan or not. Little Green Basket offer a fabulous range of tasty flavoured vegan hard boiled sweets from Candyhouse, which are vegan and gluten free and jarred in Wiltshire in the UK.

Why many sweets aren’t vegan

Sweets are a popular treat for many, but not all of them can be enjoyed by vegans. This is because some sweets contain gelatin, an ingredient derived from animal bones and tissues. Gelatin is used in many different types of sweets, including gummy bears and jelly beans, as it helps to give them their chewy texture. It also acts as a binding agent and helps to keep the ingredients together. As such, it is important to check the label before consuming any sweet if you want to make sure that it is vegan-friendly.

Gelatin is a widely used ingredient in many food products but it’s an invisible and so most people don’t tend to think about it when they tuck into their favourite treats, let alone think about where it comes from or how it’s produced. As more and more people turn their back on animal cruelty and the use of animals for food, gelatin is becoming less desirable as an ingredient.

There are also alternatives to gelatin that are plant-based and still provide a similar texture and consistency. One of the most popular vegan alternatives to gelatin is agar-agar, which is derived from red algae. Agar-agar is also more stable than regular gelatin, so it can be used in recipes that require boiling or baking without losing its structural integrity.

How are hard boiled sweets made?

Boiled sweet making in the UK is an age-old tradition that involves mixing sugar, water and other ingredients in a pot to produce a thick syrup. The syrup is then poured onto a cool slab and left to solidify before being mixed, stretched and cut into individual sweets.

The ingredients used in boiled sweets vary depending on the recipe and the region where they are made. Some common ingredients include glucose syrup, sugar, butter or vegetable fat, citric acid, glycerin, natural and artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. Boiled sweets can also contain additional ingredients such as honey or fruit juices to give them unique flavorus. To make vegan boiled sweets however it’s important to avoid animal based ingredients such as butter or honey.

More about Candyhouse sweets

The range of sweets from Candyhouse are all 100% vegan and made right here in the UK… in fact everything you’ll find on Little Green Basket fits those same two credentials - we pride ourselves on offering great produce that is better for the environment and also cruelty free.

Candyhouse boiled sweets come in an array of sumptuous flavours. These include traditional fruit based flavours such as Pear Drops, but their speciality are drinks based sweet flavours including: Strawberry Daiquiri, Gin and Tonic, Espresso Martini, Pink Fizz, Mojito, and Bubbles.

Candyhouse Ltd has created a distinctive range of confectionery, mixing traditional favourites, and more unusual lines, in distinctive, stylish packaging. The brand has maintained and gained momentum by continuously sourcing new products, being sensitive to changing customer requirements, and inventing creative new packaging.