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Who doesn't love chocolate? Whether it’s a little nibble now and again or if you love to snaffle the lot before anyone else can find your stash, nothing beats the comforting feeling of sitting down and enjoying the sweet and rich taste of chocolate.

Vegan chocolate has come a long way in recent years and now is as refined in taste and flavour as any non vegan alternatives. There have been dark chocolate options around for years as many don't rely on dairy as an ingredient, more recently however there has been an explosion of vegan chocolates that use plant based ingredients to add the creamy texture you may be familiar with from traditional dairy chocolate. It’s all about finding the best vegan chocolate for you.

In this blog post we're giving a rundown of the most amazing high quality vegan chocolates available from Little Green Basket. These bars of pure delight are all made right here in the UK and are amongst some of the tastiest vegan chocolate options around!

This read will help you to decide on which is best vegan chocolate for you and maybe also introduce you something new or expand your vegan chocolate knowledge beyond the mainstream vegan chocolate bars you may have seen or tried.

Best vegan chocolate - our quick rundown 

Don't have time to read the full article? Here are our favourite vegan chocolate treats:

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Conscious Chocolate - Love Potion No 9 Chocolate

conscious vegan chocolate love potion

If you’re a fan of chocolate with a quirky edge and a lover of Turkish delight, this chocolate will be right up your street. This creamy non dairy chocolate bar by Conscious Chocolate - Love Potion No 9 has hints of the Prussian Turkish Delight from the food-grade essential oils and spices. 

Handmade with love in Sussex using a minimum of 62% cacao solids, using 100% renewable energy sources and all packaging is recyclable, plastic free and printed using vegetable inks.

This chocolate bar will be sure to add some romance to your day. It is also free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars.

Conscious Chocolate - Orange & Tangerine Chocolate

conscious orange vegan chocolate

Chocolate and orange is always a winning combination and Conscious Chocolates have outdone themselves with their Orange & Tangerine Chocolate

They’ve fine tuned their blend using therapeutic food-grade essential oils and spices to create a beautiful bar with notes of citrus. It’s a creamy, dreamy and beautiful bar of chocolate and you’ll love it! It will certainly be up there with your top vegan chocolate.

As per all of the amazing Conscious Chocolates, it is handmade in Sussex using environmentally responsible energy and with environmentally conscious packaging.

Doisy & Dam - Dark Choc Coated Puffed Rice Balls

doisy dam ballers

These are super yummy crunchy balls of fun! The malty crunchy middle is all wrapped up in the best vegan dark chocolate. Unlike other malty balls you may have tried (wink), these have more of a satisfying crunch than a melt. These Dark Choc Coated Puffed Rice Balls are so scrumptious you’ll be rifling around in the bag for just one more only to realise you ate the lot! Personal experience…maybeeee.

Doisy and Dam ensure their cocoa is ethically sourced and farmers are fairly paid. You will also find no trace of palm oil in their chocolates. High five to Doisy and Dam!!

A perfect treat for yourself or a treat for someone else at a special time of year. Who wouldn’t love a Doisy and Dam Easter?!

Doisy & Dam - Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups

doisy dam nuttercups vegan chocolate

Cups of hazelnutty yumminess! These Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups are loaded with creamy, natural hazelnut butter and coated in the best vegan dark chocolate. Give them and try and these gorgeous nutty cups could be up there with your favourite and most popular vegan chocolate. As always, Doisy and Dam is palm oil free, they have ensured their cocoa is ethically sourced and farmers are fairly paid. 

Each pack has three nutter cups and is a delightful treat to brighten your day!

Love Raw - Caramel M:lk Choc Bar 30g

love caramel raw

OK, brace yourself because these amazing Caramel M:lk Choc Bar’s are going to knock your socks off! The creamiest and best vegan milk chocolate filled with golden velvety caramel - drool!!! Absolutely melt in your mouth gooeyness. It’s also gluten free, palm oil free and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.

Montezumas - Like No Udder Butterscotch Chocolate Bar

montezumas like no udder

For that chocolate taste that is ‘like no udder’, this one's for you! It is super creamy and all without the need for any dairy products. Like No Udder Butterscotch Chocolate Bar has a sweet stickiness butterscotch flavour that you are guaranteed to love. If you’re trying vegan chocolate for the first time or sharing it with someone who’s sceptical about vegan chocolate, this would be one of the best dairy free chocolates to try. 

Montezumas - Spice It Up Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar

montezumas spice it up vegan chocolate

Do you like a bit of spice or a fiery kick? Spice It Up Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar will give you just that! This gorgeous, smooth chocolate is unique with its ginger hit and is definitely a must-try. It’s certainly up there with the best dairy free dark chocolate. Montezuma's are masters of chocolate blending and you can’t go wrong with any of their famous vegan chocolates.

Ombar - Oat M'lk Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar

ombar fruit nut vegan choc

If you’ve been searching for a fruit and nut bar that is sweet and crunchy, you’ve found it right here with Ombar’s Oat M'lk Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar. This is up there with the best dairy free milk chocolate and is chock full of sweet juicy raisins and delightfully crunchy almonds all mixed into a beautiful creamy bar of oaty chocolate. This really is a corker of a chocolate bar and it’s a tough one to share with others. It's that yummy!

In addition to the awesome chocolate, Ombar also donate 3 pence from every bar sold

to rainforest reforestation, their cacao is sustainably sourced and the oats are British grown which stands them tall with the best vegan chocolate brands. Awesome!!

Dirty Cow - Salty Susan Chocolate Bar

dirty cow salty susan vegan treat

This Salty Susan Chocolate Bar is something else with its gorgeous mix of textures and flavour. It’s certainly up there with the posh vegan chocolates. Dirty Cow has a real flair for making vegan chocolate with a funky twist and we love it! A bit salty with the sweet and crunch with the melt, YUM!

Dirty Cow - Hail Mary Berry Chocolate Bar

dirty cow hail mary vegan chcolate

Dirty Cow have made a thing of beauty with their Hail Mary Chocolate Bar. It’s not only gorgeous to look at but it's next level gorgeous to eat! The fruity strawberry sits perfectly with the milky vegan chocolate. A fruity summery treat! If you like a bit of fruit with your chocolate (it’s called balance!) this may be the best tasting vegan chocolate for you.

Dirty Cow - Honey Come Home Chocolate Bar

dirty cow honeycomb

With a sweet, crackle and crunch of honeycombe Dirty Cow Honey Come Home vegan chocolate bar is a thing of beauty. Its golden topping will make your taste buds tingle. It’s super moorish and a little messy which we love about this posh choc. Give it a try. It could be up there with the best chocolate for vegans and non vegans you’ve tried.

Dirty Cow - Netflix & Chill Chocolate Bar

dirty cow netflix and chill vegan choc popcorn in foil

If you love popcorn and if you love plant based chocolate, this could be right up your street. This Dirty Cow creamy and milky vegan chocolate is up there with the top vegan chocolate brands. They hand make these delicious bars and load them with creative toppings. Make your night in front of the telly even more lovely with a Netflix & Chill Chocolate Bar.

If you are looking for a chocolatey gift for someone special, take a look at our Gift Boxes. We’re sure you’ll find the best vegan chocolate gift for your favourite person.

Vegan Chocolate FAQs

What makes vegan chocolate vegan?

Alternatives to dairy milk are used such as soya, cashew, almond or oat milk. These dairy milk alternatives give a silky, creamy and milky taste to the chocolate. Using dairy alternatives means the vegan chocolate has a lower environmental impact and is cruelty free as no animals were exploited and harmed in the production.
Dark vegan chocolate often has much less, if any milk alternatives in the ingredients. There are dark vegan chocolates available in stores that are ‘accidentally vegan’ however, do always check the listed ingredients as milk powder may have been added.
Other ingredients in the chocolate recipe that make it vegan friendly would be replacing such things as honey, cream and butter with vegan alternatives.

Does vegan chocolate taste different?

There are so many amazing vegan chocolates out there that you rarely have to compromise on the quality of the chocolate. In fact often you’ll be hard pushed to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan chocolates. Vegan food has come a long way and is growing in popularity. With the growth in demand comes more brands making new and exciting products so if you are vegan chocolate curious, give it a try and see what you think. 

Is vegan chocolate better for the environment?

Vegan chocolate does not contain animal products and so does not contribute to the environmentally damaging impacts of animal agriculture. Animal agriculture releases large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contribute to increasing global greenhouse gas emissions. Vegan products generally create much lower emissions than animal products, which means that making the change helps protect the planet, your conscience and the animals. 

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