Vegan Winter Coats

The cold weather certainly feels like it’s on its way, and the high street is stocking up with winter coats. A real challenge when looking for animal free and cruelty free clothes though, is being sure that what you’re buying are truly vegan winter coats. 

Many fashion coats you’ll find online and on the high street are indeed free of animal products, with more than ever being made from modern man made materials, but it’s not always obvious. And we’ve noticed the rather spurious phrase ‘other materials’ appearing on more and more labels as of late. (You can find our rundown of non-vegan materials here.)

Only garments that are assured as vegan can offer the peace of mind that you’re not wearing something you’d really rather not. Here is a our run down on the most stylish vegan coats and jacket brands to consider this winter.


Wuxly Movement

Canada is a great source of outerwear brands, which is perhaps unsurprising given that they regularly get temperatures 9ºc below the UK average. Wuxly Movement aren’t just a Canadian brand though, their coats are designed and made in Canada. Their ethical credentials are also clear, with a facts sheet of how many birds were saved through their use of manmade insulation presented alongside each garment online. Wuxly also state on each product how much water and carbon are spared, due to their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

We love their lady’s Doe Parka shown here, but they also have some neat bomber jackets and vests. Wuxly has styles for men and women. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to book a flight just yet, as they deliver worldwide.

vegan coats wuxly doe parka

Credit: Wuxly Movement 

Save the Duck

Another brand averse to down, is Save the Duck. Again, the traditional but cruel duck down has been replaced by a man made substitute called Plumtech®. They claim it not only to be warmer than down, but lighter and more breathable. Save the Duck has a huge range of coats, jackets, bombers and gilets, all in their trademark sleek padded style. We particularly like their classic hooded coats with detachable hoods, but they now have a range made from 100% recycled materials – and that’s just awesome.

Credit: Save the Duck


Founded in 1978, Noize offers accessible and stylish outerwear for men and women, 100% free of animal by-products. They specialise in jackets and coats with vegan leather and faux fur collars, but they also have a range of tees, hats and other accessories. We love this white full length vegan jacket, which comes with a rib-knit lined collar, four pockets and a stylish removable hood – ideal ultimate protection against the bitter wind this winter.

‘Each year, over 50 million animals are violently killed for their fur. With the technology we currently have available at our fingertips, the burden of choosing between style and ethics is no longer an issue. NOIZE has the ability to mimic haute couture trends without any cruelty making it easy to stay warm, elegant and compassionate.’

noize vegan coat white

Credit: Noize Original


Now a stylish Italian sportswear brand, Invicta actually started off making bags in England way back in 1906. They’ve now become well known for their all vegan ski wear and winter technical equipment including coats and accessories. Their branding is decidedly retro, which conjures images of early James Bond zooming down a hillside – which seems apt given their cosmopolitan heritage.


Credit: Invicta


Vaute Couture

Our tagline is Fashion+Compassion, and those two sentiments are equally important to us. That’s one reason Vaute Couture gets our vote for their exceptional range of vegan winter coats, which truly are as much about style as their ethical materials and production. Based in Chicago they know a thing or two about wind chill, and you can see that in their designs. This gorgeous black jacket is made from organic cotton, and is lined with recycled synthetic fibres. It’s warmer than wool so why wouldn’t you?

‘VAUTE (“Haute” + V for Vegan)  is the world’s first vegan fashion brand, founded with a mission of taking animals out of the fashion equation, by creating something better, using innovative, high-tech, sustainable textiles, cut and sewn in NYC’s garment district with love.’

vaute couture vegan coat black

Credit: Vaute Couture


Hemp is a very traditional clothing material, but Dutch brand HoodLamb have done something special by mixing it with modern fabrics to create coats that are not only incredibly stylish and wearable but strongly ethical to boot. They have options for men and women, but this men’s parker is a particularly nice example of their style.

blue mens vegan coat hoodlamb

Credit: HoodLamb

Faux Fur


Ruby+Ed has a quirky alternative style that is really appealing. A family owned British brand they are mainly known for their shoes, but also have a nice range of women’s faux fur coats and jackets.

Credit: Ruby+Ed


As you may have guessed from the name, Furamur are all about the fluffy stuff. You’ll be pleased to know though that no animals were harmed in the making of these coats. Many of their styles have a really nice reflective velour like quality, which challenges exactly what ‘fur’ has to look like.

Credit: Furamur

Charly Calder

Who said men can’t wear fur? Charly Calder have a wide range of fake fur vegan winter coats for both men and women. Their bold and stylish mid and full length faux fur coats in beautifully moody colour ways make a statement. Their range also includes more traditional leopard and animal print vegan winter coats.

‘Our coats and jackets are made of the finest quality materials and have a luxurious feel and luster that no other faux-fur collection can match. One at the time production/cutting method gives the elegance that achieves a stunning silhouette and a sophisticated aura every time.’

Credit: Charly Calder

La Seine & Moi

With bold solid colours, large lapels and deep faux fur textures, these coats from La Seine & Moi are the perfect statement piece this winter. They’ll also do a good job of keeping you warm. Their pieces are environmentally made in Paris, and completely free of animal products. Below is their LOUVE vegan winter coat in dark green.

dark green faux fur coat

Credit: La Seine & Moi

We’d like it if dressing vegan was as easy and eating vegan, but it still has it’s challenges. Finding vegan winter coats and vegan outdoor clothing that suits your style shouldn’t be a chore though. Pick your look, and check out some of the brands dedicated to wrapping you up warm this winter.

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