Vegan Clothing Cheat Sheet

We’ve created this cheat sheet for people starting out shopping for vegan clothes. It’s not always obvious what the vegan alternatives are for common garments, and you could spend hours researching on Google, or save yourself some time and check our handy guide first.


Animal derived materials

Vegan alternatives

Blouses Silk Tencel, bamboo, cotton, nylon, modal, viscose, rayon
Belts Leather Cork, microfibre, rubber
Coats and jackets Down padding Synthetic padding such as Plumtech®, PrimaLoft, Polartec, hemp
Coats and jackets Fur trim Faux fur (viscose or polyester)
Coats and jackets Wool lining Cotton, hemp, polyester
Flat caps Wool Microfibre
Leather Jackets Leather Vegan leather
Sports Jackets Wool Organic cotton, polyester
Jumpers/Sweaters Wool Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp
Robes Silk Organic cotton
Handbags, purses and wallets Leather Cork
Scarves and HeaddresseScarves and Headdresses Silk, pashmina, cashmere, camel, shearling, alpaca, angora Linen, cotton, acrylic, polyester
Shoes Leather, suede, snakeskin Vegan leather (polyurethane), organic cotton
Socks Wool Cotton, bamboo
Suits Wool, cashmere Linen, cotton, polyester or rayon
Ties Silk, wool cashmere Microfibre, bamboo, linen, cotton, acrylic, polyester, nylon
Trousers Leather Vegan leather (polyurethane), polyester
Wax jackets Beeswax Vegan friendly waxed jackets made using paraffin wax on cotton

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